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Body Image and the Table

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 1:28 AM
Hey everyone, I've been back and forth with this issue for a while and have finally decided to say something.  Body image!  That opens a can of worms now, doesn't it?  As a massage therapist, I have to say that so often I get people on my table that don't want their feet done, or don't want their legs worked on, etc.  It has almost always turned out that they're not ultra ticklish or they have a rash or something, they just hate that particular body part and don't want it to be worked on because *gasp* I might SEE it!!  OMG!  One toe is longer than the rest, I can't stand it!  (rolls eyes)  Seriously people, everyone has a normal body and I've YET to see anything horrendous.  So what if you have a spare tire?  Your legs aren't shaved today?  Oops.  Big deal.  I won't even notice.  Please, PLEASE remember that you're on my table to put yourself in a better frame of mind.  You will have trouble doing that if you are thinking bad thoughts about yourself the entire time.  AND, I have YET to find anyone with feet so ticklish that I have to stop the massage.  Everybody got it?  :P  So no more bad body image?  Okay!  See you on the table!

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